Gourmet ala maison

Gourmet aLa Maison is our brand for canned foods. We offer canned gourmet food as canned vegetables, jams, pasta and cheeses.

pasta baner 2


Pasta by Eu Foods “Life is combination of magic and pasta!”- Federico Fellini And this is true. World would  not be as same as now with all these types and varieties of pasta!  Because we believe that cooking is a great experience, we offer you pasta.    Pasta types that we offer: * Vermicelli  * …

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Cheese One of the most common product, but in same time- so different.  Every country has it`s type of cheese. Some are white, some are yellow. Some soft- other hard. Aged or Fresh. Yes, cheese is as popular, as many types it has.  Eu Foods as food wholesalers offers you different cheeses.  We are working …

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