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Pasta by Eu Foods “Life is combination of magic and pasta!”- Federico Fellini And this is true. World would  not be as same as now with all these types and varieties of pasta!  Because we believe that cooking is a great experience, we offer you pasta.    Pasta types that we offer: * Vermicelli  * […]



Cheese One of the most common product, but in same time- so different.  Every country has it`s type of cheese. Some are white, some are yellow. Some soft- other hard. Aged or Fresh. Yes, cheese is as popular, as many types it has.  Eu Foods as food wholesalers offers you different cheeses.  We are working […]

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Stuffed vine leaves

Stuffed vine leaves from Eu Foods Ltd. For busy people, who doesn`t have enough time, and thise who doesn`t have the nerves. For these, who love the good food in it`s different shapes.   We offer you stuffed vine leaves with rice (dolmas).  They are Suitable for vegeterians, because there is No meat. The stuffed […]


Honey from Eu Foods

Honey Honey is known from ancient times for it`s benefits over human health. Boost immune system, cures… and it`s sweet addition for every tea, pastry or pancake. From the Bulgarians forests and meadows. Known for it`s pure taste and high quality. With color as liquid gold. Eu Foods ltd. can provide you with Natural, Organic, BIO […]

Fruit content

Fruit jams

Fruit jam by Eu Foods For every pancake or pasty we have jams on your taste. Just the right blueberry jam, for your delicious cheesecake. We offer jams with different fruit content- 35%, 45% or 60%. Just like home made! Packaging: For HORECA we offer 20gr mini jams and big 12 kg bucket. However we […]

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Spices and seasoning- Premium Garden

Spices and seasonings We use spices for every dish. From the salat to the dessert. Eu Foods Ltd. is ready to provide you the best quality spices for your table.   From our Premium gardens, raised with love and care, we grow up the plants, that you will put in your dishes. However only the […]

vine leanes Gourmet aLa Maison

Vine Leaves Gourmet aLa Maison

Vine leaves  There is no doubt, the stuffed vine leaves (dulmas) are even more delicious with our vine leaves.  We offer you Gourmet aLa Maison- Grape leaves, Vine leaves in brine. Completely natural product – vine leaf, salt, water, citric acid. Without pesticides. No GMO. We produse in glass jar 680 ml or  glass jar 1060 ml. […]

canned white bean

Canned beans- Gourmet ala Maison

Canned beans by Eu Foods Ltd. Canned beans are from the common ingredients in every cuisine. Used for salads, main dishes, or as side dishes.  Rich in vitamins, fibers, and carbohydrates beans become very popular along with vegans and vegetarians as a source of nutrients. С Eu Foods presents you our Canned Beans line- Gourmet […]

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Canned green peas – Gourmet ala Maison

Canned green peas Canned green peas and Chickpeas in our- Eu Foods green line – Chefs emotions. Canned vegetables, save the fresh taste in every piece. Ready to make every dish- special. Every bite- unforgettable. The Green line includes: Green peas Easy Open Green peas Regular Open Chickpeas 8mm Lentils Green peas are with net weight: […]

Canned sweet corn

Canned sweet corn- Gourmet ala Maison

Canned Sweet Corn- Gourmet aLa Maison EU Foods offers you one of the best sellers on every market- canned sweet corn Gourmet ala Maison – Chefs emotions. Pure golden color, like small pieces of gold! Unforgetable taste! Saved the aroma of the just-boiled fresh sweet corn. Perfect in every detail! Canned sweet corn is one […]