Honey from Eu Foods


Honey is known from ancient times for it`s benefits over human health. Boost immune system, cures… and it`s sweet addition for every tea, pastry or pancake.

From the Bulgarians forests and meadows. Known for it`s pure taste and high quality. With color as liquid gold. Eu Foods ltd. can provide you with Natural, Organic, BIO Bulgarian honey . 

We have:Honey types

  •  Linden;
  • Wildflower/ polyflower;
  • Black forest,
  • Acacia. 
  • Honey with nuts;
  • Honeycomb.

Jar sizes:

  • 100 gr,
  • 240gr,
  • 450 gr,
  • 900 gr.

For special markets we can offer Royal jelly and Pollen.








We can produce with our brand or your private label. 


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