Gourmet aLa Maison

Canned beans by Eu Foods Ltd.

Beans are from the common ingredients in every cuisine. Used for salads, main dishes or as side dish. 

Rich in vitamins, fibes and carbohydrates beans become very popular along vegans and vegetarians as source of nutrients. 

Eu Foods presents you our Bean line- Gourmet aLa Maison. Chefs emotions.

You will find our big variety, all with perfect taste and texture. Made with love for your table. Perfect for every dish- from salats and starters to main.

Bean line includes:

  • White beans in tomato sauce
  • Red beans in tomato sauce
  • White beans in brine
  • Red beans in brine
  • Cranberry beans
  • Spanish cranberry beans
  • 4 Beans mix
beans types

You can choose the opening of the can between Easy open or Regular open.
Also between the Different sizes- 425 ml, 500 gr, 1 kg and 3kg.