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Gherkins-Gourmet ala Maison

Gherkins/ pickles- Gourmet aLa Maison Gherkins. Who doesn`t like them? You can use them in a salat, as a salat, in main dishres, for a quick meal… We offer you one fresh bite of ours. Eu Foods Ltd. offers European taste gherkins- they have added sugar in the pickle brine, which makes them sweeter than […]

canned okra

Canned okra- Gourmt aLa Maison

Canned baby okra In Brine /Bamia/- Gourmet a La Maison Healthy food. Good for dishes and salads. Rich in vitamins and minerals. With many positive effects on humans body.  This is the canned okra.   Ingredients:   Baby okra, sugar, acidity regulator, vinegar, iodinated salt. Shelf life – 18 months. Sterilized product. Without preservatives and […]

roasted peppers

Gourmet ala Maison – Roasted peeled peppers

Roasted Peeled Red Peppers Gourmet aLa Maison  For main courses and salads.  Ingredients: Roasted peeled peppers , water, vinegar, salt and sugar. Sterilized product. Without preservatives and colorings! Our Roasted peeled red peppers are completely natural product. No GMO. No preservatives or colorings!  Packaging Details 580 ml – 12 in carton 720 ml – 12 […]