Pasta by Eu Foods


“Life is combination of magic and pasta!”- Federico Fellini


And this is true. World would  not be as same as now with all these types and varieties of pasta! 

Because we believe that cooking is a great experience, we offer you pasta. 



Pasta types that we offer:


* Vermicelli

 * Vermicelli medium

 * Couscous

 * Sigarette

 * Rigatoni

 * Lasagnette

 * Fusilli

 * Conchiglie rigate

 * Penne

 * Gnocchi

 * Tagliatelle

 * Spaghetti

No doubts pasta is favorite food to many of us.

The pasta that we offer is made from soft wheat flour and water. Using Italian recipe, do not contain improvers, preservatives, colorants and GMOs.

In package sizes of 400 gr and 500 gr.


Pasta is from us, recipe- from you. 

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