Why Eu Foods Ltd?

The benefits of working with us are:

We have relations, or we make new, with factories. We have all communications, negotiations for the best prices and preparing order

These relations helps us, because in the factories we work with, are producing goods especially for us. With our specifications, sizes and packs that we want.

We can export with our brand, or your private label. Both are no problem.

Our sales managers will navigate you throughout our product offerings and make the best possible choice based on your needs and expectations.

Doesn`t matter if is one pallet, truck or container, we can help you with transport organization. 

After long term working with us, factories make us better prices, so you will also have better prices. 

Tight quality control on production, punctuality and the experience are some of the reasons why we retain almost all of our first-time orders as regular customers. 


Your business is our bussiness. We are on one side.

We make strong bussiness relations that turns into frendships!


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