Sunflower seeds are from our TOP products. In that reason we are trying to improve them. 


Popular in many countries, favorite snack of people around the world, sunflower seeds are somethind that we love. Rich in fibers, minerals, and part of our daily diet. 


In that reason we are trying to provide you different types in different sizes. 


You can choose from variety sunflower seeds. Raw or roasted. Peeled, shelled. With/ without salt. Or with chili?


Check some of them here, or call us for more information. 

White sunflower seeds 2
White sunflower seeds
XL sunflower seeds
XL Sunflower seeds
sunfower seeds with chili
White sunflower seeds with Chili flavour
3 small
Small packs of white, XL and Chili
Jumbo sunflower seeds
Jumbo sunflower seeds
Seeds transp. bag
Big size sunflower seeds in transparent bag.
seeds without salt
Roasted with salt
Sunflower seeds with salt
Roasted without salt
Sunflower seeds banner