Lay's Chips Exporter

Kinds and logistic information

At Eu Foods Ltd., we’re excited to introduce Lay’s chips as part of our expanding range of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products, now available for export. Delight your taste buds and your customers with the legendary flavor and quality of Lay’s chips. As Lay`s chips exporter we know how important is always to bring only the best quality to all of our customers. 

What we offer as Lay`s Chips Exporter? 

  • Multiple Package Sizes: Choose from our range of Lay’s chips packages to meet your customers’ preferences:
    – 105g: Perfect for individual snacking.
    – 125g: Ideal for sharing with friends and family.
    – 170g: Great for parties and gathering.
  • Flavor Variety:
  • Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality ensures that your customers enjoy every bite of this beloved snack.
  • Export-Ready: Our Lay’s chips are meticulously crafted and packed to meet international standards, making them a top choice for export.

LAY`S Oven Baked 105gr

Number of packs in case- 24. 

LAY`S 125gr

Number of packs in case- 21. 

LAY`S 170gr

Number of packs in case- 14. 

LAY`S 240gr

Number of packs in case- 14. 

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