One of the most common product, but in same time- so different. 

Every country has it`s type of cheese. Some are white, some are yellow. Some soft- other hard. Aged or Fresh. Yes, cheese is as popular, as many types it has. 



Eu Foods as food wholesalers offers you different cheeses. 

We are working with dairy farm, with high quality standards, and traditions in cheese making.

The sizes of cheese are different, suitable for every market, including HOREKA. 

White cheese 2

White Cheese

Can be made from: 
  -Cow`s milk- full fat or reduced fat.
  -Sheep`s milk. 
  -Goat`s milk. 

200 gr, 400gr and 800gr, 8 kg and 14 kg


Yellow cheese

Can be made from Cow`s milk- whole fat or reduced fat.
Sizes: 200gr, 350gr, 1 kg and 3 kg.

yellow cheese
halloummi cheese






In vacuum- 250 gr. 
Halloumi with spice, in vacuum- 250 gr.





Fresh- 500gr. 
In jar 400gr, in oil 330gr. 

Labne cheese
Buffalo cheese


White Buffalo cheese 


Made with buffalo milk. 

Sizes: 200gr, 400gr, 800 gr, 8 kg and 14 kg. 



Akawi cheese


In sizes of 250 gr and 14 kr. 
Or with spices- 250 gr. 

Akawi cheese
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