Arrogant 3in1 box

Arrogant 3 in 1 – Coffee, milk and sugar

Arrogant 3in1- coffee, milk and sugar For those who likes their coffee sweet and mild. We have what you like. A combination between instant coffee, natural sugar and milk. This is where the design meets the high quality. Arrogant 3in1 in 3 sizes: 15 gr.  18 gr 20 gr Arrogant 3in1 15 gr is made […]

Nuts- marmar

MarMar nuts

Nuts are some of our popular products. We are under pressure every day. Eating healty is mission impossible. Most of times wave to eat something fast. Is not easy to find the balance betweeh healty life and bussy day. We have the solution- nuts. They are good for your diet, rich in vitamins and fibers. […]

Spices PG logo

Spices and seasoning- Premium Garden

Spices and seasonings- the new products under Premium Garden brand.   We use spices for every dish. From the salat to the dessert. Eu Foods Ltd. is ready to provide you the best quality spices for your table. From our Premium gardens, riced with love and care, we grow up the plants, that you will […]

XIII International Folklore Festival “Rahovche”

From 19th to 24th of June will be held the XIII International Folklore Festival “Rahovche”. For 6 consecutive years, EU FOODS supports our friends. All our clients and friends are invited to share this folklore holiday with us.