Nuts are some of our popular products.


We are under pressure every day. Eating healthyis mission impossible. Most of times wave to eat something fast. Is not easy to find the balance betweeh healty life and bussy day. We have the solution- nuts.

They are good for your diet, rich in vitamins and fibers. Good for your body.


We have them row, roasted, fried. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, kernels, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Our best sellers are under the name MarMar.


MarMar are made for every customers needs. They are for on-the-go. Packed nuts for those who wants healty snack in bussy day. That is why our MarMar are in packeges of 35-40 gr.


You can eat them just like that or add them in yoguts ot bow with muesli.


MarMar types:
* MarMar classic- roasted sunflower kernels 35 gr.
* Mixed nuts- roasted sunflower kernels, pumpkin kernels and soybeans 40 gr.
*Fried sunflower kernels 40gr.

New types with flavours are comming soon.

We believe in inovations and experiments. That is why we prepare other MarMars with flavors. What they will be? That is surprice.

Logistic information

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