EU Foods beverages

EU Foods beverages is a part of EU Foods Ltd.

The company EU Foods is established to offer quality natural mineral and table waters. Bulgaria is abounding in mineral sources country. Our aim is to propose not so known waters, which are up to grade and very often are much better then mass distributed and well known brands. Our proposal is well branded and suitable bottled waters proper for mass usage as well as niche products. In this connection we will offer different easy discernible lines to support the choice of our customers.

The company manages their own brands
AQUA Philippopolis – Aqua est vita

and Oh! Fresh Soft drinks and Oh! Fresh Ice Tea
The company also manages registered trademark BreezyWater

AQUA Philippopolis – Aqua est vita

AQUA Philippopolis is  demineralized table water. The water passes through the process of reverse osmosis and ozone.

Available in PET bottles of 0.5 and 1.5 liters.
and 19 liters.

Oh! Fresh

Oh! Fresh is best – the new product in the family of EU Foods Ltd .. The products offered on the Bulgarian market since the end of 2012 and included a series of aromatic soft – fruit drinks , iced tea, and soda .
The company strives to create the product was to offer the best – quality product in this price class. For this reason, the drinks are made with fresh mountain water from the Balkan Mountains , sugar free and only natural colors .
For aeration and aromas conducted many studies to answer exactly the stringent requirements for taste and quality to all our clients and future .

Oh! Fresh start your presence on the Bulgarian market with a series of soft drinks and ice tea series.



BreezyWater Green line



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