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Oh! Fresh is brand in the family of EU Foods Ltd .


The products offered series of aromatic soft – fruit drinks , iced tea, and soda .
The company strives to create the product was to offer the best – quality product in this price class. For this reason, the drinks are made with fresh mountain water from the Balkan Mountains , sugar free and only natural colors .
For aeration and aromas conducted many studies to answer exactly the stringent requirements for taste and quality to all our clients and future .

Oh! Fresh orange2 soft drinks
Oh! Fresh series soft drinks

Oh! Fresh soft drinks
in 3 sizes: 

  • *0.5 L
  • * 2 L 
  • *3 L

                                                                                             Oh! Fresh Soft Drinks carbonated soft drinks include:

                                        Oh! Fresh Soda 2 l. null nul0 nullnrrr

  •                                            Oh! Fresh Soda      Oh! Fresh Elder flower.    Oh! Fresh Planinska rosa     Oh! Fresh Orange    Oh! Fresh Raspberry 

                                       null berries bottle peach bottle apple bottlelime bottle

  •                                      Oh! Fresh Pineapple      Oh! Fresh Forest fruit         Oh! Fresh Peach            Oh! Fresh Apple          Oh! Fresh lime

                                      lemonade tonikcola 

  •                                     Oh! Fresh Lemonade          Oh! Fresh Tonic             Oh! Fresh Cola 
Oh! Fresh berries banner soft drinks
Oh! Fresh orange banner soft drinks
Oh! Fresh pic soft drinks