Canned sweet corn

Canned sweet corn- Gourmet ala Maison

Canned Sweet Corn- Gourmet aLa Maison EU Foods offers you one of the best sellers on every market- canned sweet corn Gourmet ala Maison – Chefs emotions. Pure golden color, like small pieces of gold! Unforgetable taste! Saved the aroma of the just-boiled fresh sweet corn. Perfect in every detaile! Sweet corn is one of the […]

XIII International Folklore Festival “Rahovche”

From 19th to 24th of June will be held the XIII International Folklore Festival “Rahovche”. For 6 consecutive years, EU FOODS supports our friends. All our clients and friends are invited to share this folklore holiday with us.

Gherkins-Gourmet ala Maison

Pickle gherkins – Gourmet ala Maison Gherkins. Who doesn`t like them? You can use them in a salat, as a salat, in main dishres, for a quick meal… We offer you one fresh bite of ours. Sterilized product. Content:  gherkins, dill, salt, mustard, pepper, sugar, allspice, water, vinegar, onion. Without preservatives and colorings! Choose the […]

Baby okra- Gourmt aLa Maison

Baby Okra In Brine /Bamia/ Ingredients: okra, sugar, acidity regulator, vinegar, iodinated salt. Shelf life – 18 months. Sterilized product. Without preservatives and colorings! Offered only in glass jar – 680 ml. Packaging Details: 680 ml – 12 in carton. We produce with our brand or your private label. Furthermore we are able to produce with […]

EU Foods beverages

EU Foods beverages is a part of EU Foods Ltd. The company EU Foods is established to offer quality natural mineral and table waters. Bulgaria is abounding in mineral sources country. Our aim is to propose not so known waters, which are up to grade and very often are much better then mass distributed and […]

Gourmet ala Maison – Roasted peeled red peppers

Gourmet ala Maison – Roasted peeled red peppers. Ingredients: Roasted peeled peppers , water, vinegar, salt and sugar. Sterilized product. Without preservatives and colorings! in glass jars – 580 ml, 720 ml and 1700 ml Gourmet ala Maison is brand name of EU Foods Ltd              Packaging Details 580 ml […]