Arrogant 3in1 box

Arrogant 3 in 1 – Coffee, milk and sugar

Arrogant 3in1- coffee, milk and sugar For those who likes their coffee sweet and mild. We have what you like. A combination between instant coffee, natural sugar and milk. This is where the design meets the high quality.  Every market has it`s differences, that is why we produce 3in1 in different sizes. 15 gr, 18 […]

Arrogant 2 in1

Arrogant 2 in1- Coffee and milk

Arrogant 2 in1- Coffee and milk For those, who prefer their coffee unsweet, bul soft with milk.  This 2 in1 instant coffee is perfect for you.  It has the soft, delicate taste, that touches your senses. Made with quality ingredients. A true taste of coffee with milk. In single packed sachets that catch an eye. In […]

Nuts- marmar

MarMar nuts

Nuts are some of our popular products. We are under pressure every day. Eating healty is mission impossible. Most of times wave to eat something fast. Is not easy to find the balance betweeh healty life and bussy day. We have the solution- nuts. They are good for your diet, rich in vitamins and fibers. […]


Honey from Eu Foods

Honey Honey is known from ancient times for it`s benefits over human health. Boost immune system, cures… and it`s sweet addition for every tea, pastry or pancake. From the Bulgarians forests and meadows. Known for it`s pure taste and high quality. With color as liquid gold. Eu Foods ltd. can provide you with Natural, Organic, BIO […]

Fruit jams

Fruit jams. For every pancake we have jams on your taste. We offer jams with different fruit content- 35%, 45% or 60%. Just like home made! Packaging: For HORECA we offer 20gr mini jams and big 12 kg bucket. However we have glass jars and plastic buckets of 5 and 12 kg. Jams`packing according to […]

Spices PG logo

Spices and seasoning- Premium Garden

Spices and seasonings- the new products under Premium Garden brand.   We use spices for every dish. From the salat to the dessert. Eu Foods Ltd. is ready to provide you the best quality spices for your table. From our Premium gardens, riced with love and care, we grow up the plants, that you will […]

Arrogant instant tea

Arrogant- instant tea

Instant tea- Arrogant The new pearl in Arrogant`s krown is the instant tea with sugar, to make your instant life sweeter. In two unforgetable flavours of black tea and raspberry fruit. For every taste.  We use only natural ingredients.  They are fresh. They are cool and will make you warm.  More, only on  

Jar of vine leaves

Vine Leaves Gourmet aLa Maison

Grape leaves There is no doubt, the stuffed vine leaves are even more delicious with our vine leaves.  This time we offer you Gourmet aLa Maison- Grape leaves, Vine leaves in brine. Completely natural product – vine leaf, salt, water, citric acid. Without pesticides. No GMO.  We produse in glass jar 680 ml or  glass jar 1060 […]

White bean

Bean line- Gourmet ala Maison

Bean line- Gourmet aLa Maison EU Foods presents You our new series of canned bean Gourmet ala Maison – Chefs emotions. You will find our big variety, all with perfect taste and texture. Made with love for your table. Perfect for every dish- from salats and starters to main. Bean line includes: White beans in tomato […]

Green peas

Green peas – Gourmet ala Maison

Green peas  EU Foods offer our green line Gourmet ala Maison – Chefs emotions. Canned vegerables, that saves the fresh taste in every piece. Ready to make every dish- special. Every bite- unforgetable. The Green line includes: Green peas Easy Open Green peas Regular Open Chickpeas 8mm Lentils Green peas are with net weight: 400gr […]