Arrogant 3 in 1 – Coffee, milk and sugar

Arrogant 3in1- coffee, milk and sugar

For those who likes their coffee sweet and mild. We have what you like. A combination between instant coffee, natural sugar and milk.
This is where the design meets the high quality.

Arrogant 3in1 in 3 sizes:

  • 15 gr. coffee milk and sugar
  • 18 gr3in1 new- coffee, milk and sugar
  • 20 grcoffee-milk-suga- 3in1 max

Arrogant 3in1 15 gr is made for European market, while Arrogant 3in1 MAX- for Arabic, but it`s flavor is more intensive! A real instant life.

35-40 pcs in display box, or 10 pcs 18 gr in small box for home.

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